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    Lee Swanson

    Lee Swanson is a retired soldier and teacher who is the author of the "No Man is Her Master" historical fiction series, including the titles "No Man’s Chattel," "Her Perilous Game," and "A Dangerous Journey Home." A fourth novel in the series "She Serves the Realm," is anticipated to be published in June, 2024.

    Lee has enjoyed a lifetime interest in medieval history. Living in both Germany and England for extended periods of his life, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe, seeking out-of-the-way places with little-known stories to tell.

    Holding a master’s degree in European History from the University of North Florida, Lee’s thesis centered on the Hansa, a confederation of merchants from primarily northern German cities in the twelfth through seventeenth centuries. Many of the colorful characters who populate his novels are drawn from the lives of these resolute wayfarers who traveled the waterways of Europe in search of profit and prestige.

    Lee is also the author of "The Calling of Alex Tate." This is a departure from his usual historical fiction, as it is a crime drama set in Seattle, Washington in 2015.

    Lee, his wife Karine, and their dog Banjo now split their time between Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

    (The trip to England and Northern Ireland did occur in September 2022, by the way - Germany and England in 2024!)

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    Her Dangerous Journey Home

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    She Serves the Realm

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    Her Perilous Game

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    No Man's Chattel

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    The Calling of Alex Tate